Get Internet Speed Tester is a fantastic browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer that makes checking your internet speed a breeze! Save time by getting one-click access to your speed checking tools. All you have to do is open up one of the 3 browsers above on your desktop computer, browse to our site, and install the Get Internet Speed Tester extension!

Is your internet slow? Is it unusually underperforming when uploading or watching your favorite videos online? No matter how fast your internet connection is, there are times when it is so slow that you are forced to play outside, or forced to watch your favorite videos on a perplexing ancient device, known as the Television. Although, this may seem like a cruel joke from the universe to destroy your productivity, GetInternetSpeedTester is here to help. It is the one-click solution for testing, and helping you troubleshoot your internet connection.

GetInternetSpeedTester not only accurately tests your internet speed, but it also provides easy access to tips and speed comparison guides to help you pinpoint the cause of the issue, and troubleshoot it, straight from your browser new tab page. Download GetInternetSpeedTester now to get started. Unlike other services on the web, GetInternetSpeedTester is free, no registration required!

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